Best Waterless Car Wash & Wax – Is it Crimson Shield?

What Is The Best Waterless Car Wash & Wax – Is it Crimson Shield?

Waterless Car Wash & Wax by Crimson Shield
Waterless Car Wash & Wax by Crimson Shield –

The Crimson Shield Difference in Quality Car Care Explained

Is it the best? Tough to say, but it is good? NO, it is absolutely great!

That is guaranteed.

Being a professional mobile detailing business owner for 6 years now, I enjoy what I do because I love giving the same feeling to my customers as I get with my own car each time I detail it.

Over those 6 years and 1,200 repeat customers, through trial & error, my goal was to create the best quality on the go car wash & wax I possibly could.

One reason was because the better it is, the easier it is for me to maintain my detailing customers cars each time, and 2, it allows me to expand my business from local to all over the country.

What did I want Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax to be?

Car Wash & Wax by Waterless Crimson Shield
Car Wash & Wax by Waterless Crimson Shield at
  1. The highest quality car wash & wax possible
  • Needs to be economic friendly for anyone to be able to use it anywhere they are on the go while saving harsh chemicals from entering the drains.
  • Only use of enthusiast grade approved ingredients to assure maximum quality.
  • Extremely potent so you are able to refill the bottle when half empty a few times to keep the concentration high enough to still give unsurpassed paint depth and protection.
  • Finally, it needed to meet the fine line between being the best car wash & wax possible, but at the same time, formulated to be in an all in 1 product to cut down on time it takes to complete your car. This also makes it easy enough for anyone to use easily.

After 6 years, Crimson Shield Watlerless Car Wash & Wax Was Born To Feature These Benefits For Your Vehicles & Prized Possessions;

  • Detergents & lubricants first begin to lift up dirt and grime giving the surface a friction free environment to be wiped away with a microfiber towel.
  • Then a high dosage of enthusiast grade paint sealant begins to soak into your clearcoat and cure over 24 hours to give your car long lasting resistance to the elements.
  • Next the paint depth shine enhancer is a special car show quality ingredient that will enhance the polish and give your prized possessions an ultra level of shine depth compared to regular cleaning and polishing.
  • Finally, an extreme dosage of cross linked polymers and waxes will lock hands together and put the first level of defense against bugs, sap, dirt, tar, road paint, rain spots, and sun damage.

Each one of these ingredients usually will take putting on and taking off of your car over 4 different trips which is a ton of work and time. Only suitable for mostly professional detailers to do as most people don’t have the time or energy to do all of that themselves.

That’s great because Crimson Shield has the right amount of ingredients to sync up so that you only have to put it on and take it off of your car ONCE.

We also made it so you don’t need any hose, so that you can complete your car panel by panel until the whole car is complete. Do a panel once a day or a just a couple? That’s perfect! Your car will be done without you having to invest hours and be very tired doing the whole thing in one day.

Once you complete your car, you will notice how effortlessly it is to easily maintain it as it will be much easier each time you use our enthusiast grade Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax.

How to Use;

Shake up the 32 oz bottle of Crimson Shield and liberally spray the panel down. Say you start with the hood, spray down the hood and spray a clean folded microfiber towel to give a wet surface.

Then wipe the hood to clean normally. With a second dry & clean microfiber towel, wipe to dry and notice the results.

Over 24 hours, it will cure and harden to give you long lasting paint slickness and protection from the elements. While looking incredible!

Who uses Crimson Shield?

Us at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh use it on all of our 1,200 plus repeat customers vehicles and also many professionals including many of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team and Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team.

We released Crimson Shield available with free shipping after 6 years until we got the perfect combination of waterless car wash & wax.

Now we can help spread our love for cars and car care to the whole country.

Customers Cars Treated With Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax Including Pittsburgh Steelers & Pirates Players, 1st Place Car Show Award Winners, and Over 1200 Repeat Customers Using Crimson Shield at
Customers Cars Treated With Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax Including Pittsburgh Steelers & Pirates Players, 1st Place Car Show Award Winners, and Over 1200 Repeat Customers Using Crimson Shield at

Try Crimson Shield on your car and prized possessions like; ATV’s, motorcycles, street bikes, boats, yachts, airplanes, and more!

Plus use Crimson Shield on all paint, windows, trim, chrome, wheels, tires(use regular worn rags for that so you don’t ruin your microfiber towels for your paint), and alot of interior parts like steering wheel, speedometer area, dashboard, and more.

Spray on your carpets and vacuum to provide fabric protection and reduce stains from ruining your carpets and mats also.

Everyone who loves their car should have a bottle of Crimson Shield kept in their car at all times.

Get it with free shipping for $29.99 at