Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier – Crimson Shield Explained

Meet the Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier, Crimson Shield

Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier - Crimson Shield Explained
Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier – Crimson Shield Explained

Why Crimson Shield is a Unique Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier

Hi, my name is Chuck Strogish, owner of high performance Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash n Wax.

Before I created Crimson Shield, I’ve detailed cars for many years for Ford & Acura dealerships. And currently for 6 years have owned my own local mobile car detailing service in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The love of cars mixed with the love of car care has been with me for as long as I can remember. I chose to start a business in this field in 2011 because I was told to follow what I’m passionate about to be as happy as possible. So I did.

Over 6 years, I’ve used many different car care products on my customers vehicles, over 1,200 repeat customers currently. Over this time, I learned what my ideal car care product would be so that I can not only use it myself on my customers vehicles, but to expand my business in spreading my love for premium car care to anyone that has a car to protect that they worked hard for.

Over 6 years, I decided that many people would like to be able to detail their own car, but the time it takes and the energy to do it themselves isn’t always motivation to attack that project.

I also learned exactly what type of ingredients and quality that is needed to create in an All in 1 product that can be used anywhere, and by anyone.

Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier - Crimson Shield Explained
Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier – Crimson Shield Explained – Our 2005 Saleen S281 SC Always Treated With Crimson Shield. Everyone always thinks it’s a 2017 or 2018, not a 2005.

My main priorities were to make my car care polish & wax enthusiast grade(premium quality) to make it easier to clean without a hose, next was to be economic friendly so that is can be used anywhere without worrying about hazardous chemicals being spilled into our public drains, and lastly for anyone to be able to use it in 1 round while being affordable.

Here are the 4 important ingredients that makes up why Crimson Shield is a unique car care polish & wax outlier.

  1. Contains premium detergents and lubricants that lift grime by spraying on and wiping it off that is more effective than spraying it with water. The lubricants let you wipe away the dirt without the possibility of scratching while the detergents prepare the surface to be deeply protected.

2. Keep in mind this is all in 1 round of wiping it on and wiping it off panel by panel to make it easy for you to do your vehicles. Next, our enthusiast grade formula of paint sealant & car polish bonds with the clear coat sealing the paint to provide a slick surface to repel everything while curing to last and last after one application. Curing begins and ends over 24 hours to provide an invisible barrier of protection to your whole car, (paint, windows, wheels, trim, tires, interior, chrome, headlights, everything).

3. Next, a special polish enhancer sealant is applied to really give an incredible depth of shine to your paint which lasts through many car washes between detailing that gives your car a level up in quality of shine. This type of special product is mostly only used by detailing professionals to prep a car for a show or when its needed to wow people with an extreme glaze effect. I included that in Crimson Shield so that this is working all in 1 step because I found the perfect formula over time that works the best.

Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier - Crimson Shield Explained
Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier – Crimson Shield Explained

4. Finally, cross-linked polymers & waxes will be laid down on top when you are wiping it off with your dry microfiber towel. These will be the first line of defense to your vehicle to allow the sealant and depth enhancer to get situation into your paint while the wax takes the brunt of the defense in the first couple months.

The Results of a True Premium Car Care Polish & Wax in Crimson Shield

I can’t be more proud of the results of Crimson Shield. It took years to get it perfect, but I wouldn’t offer my own car care product without it being exactly my top choice to use on my own vehicle or on my car detailing customers vehicles.

It truly is amazing in how it performs in immediate results and over time protecting against the elements.

Also, being from Pittsburgh, this product was truly tested through harsh winters, salt, extreme temperature changes daily, and everything you can experience to give Crimson Shield a worthy test.  It does that and more, so imagine the results if you live somewhere like Florida or California.

You’ll notice the quality immediately by feeling the paint, you’ll feel quality in that how slick the surface is and you’ll notice the detergent resisting sealant every time you wash your car, the way everything slides right off the paint to effortlessly keep your car freshly detailing looking.

I use Crimson Shield on my own detailing customers and it is the very best waterless wash car care product, polish, and wax that I could possibly create over 6 years in making and over 10 years of car detailing experience.

It is the perfect balance of quality and easy to use in an all in 1 product for anyone to use on their vehicles and prized possessions.

Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier - Crimson Shield Explained
Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier – Crimson Shield Explained

How to Use Crimson Shield & Order

When you receive your 32 oz bottle, currently with free shipping for only $29.99, you will only need a few clean microfiber towels to use it.

Simply shake the bottle of Crimson Shield and complete each panel one at a time so that you can complete your whole car on your time and pace.

Say you begin with the hood, simply spray the hood down and spray a twice folded microfiber towel surface to dampen it and wipe Crimson Shield like you are cleaning it to your satisfaction.

Then take another dry and clean microfiber towel and wipe it off to a slicked and incredible looking finish. For best results, use in shade and not in sun to make it easier on you. It can be used in the sun too, however.

Next, complete each panel, wheels, windows, and even interior until you are done. Once it’s completed, you will notice how easy your car is maintain.

The feeling of a detailed car as anyone can vouch for makes you feel like you are ahead of the game, control of your life, and you perform better feeling in a good mood driving a nice and double take looking car.

By using premium car care products like Crimson Shield, it pays for itself when its time to turn your lease in or sell your car as the value will be much higher taking good care of your prized possessions.

This is exactly what Crimson Shield does and no other product has this array of benefits in 1 all in 1 formula. That is why I created it specifically this way.

Buy Crimson Shield today and help us grow the product we are proud of and let us know how you enjoy it as all testimonials and positive feedback is greatly appreciated.

We love our cars just like you.

Whatever you wake up in the morning for to accomplish is what you do, you are good at it. This is what we do, we put alot of time and tweaking to truly create the best on the go waterless wash car care polish & wax possible.

Visit today at or click any of the photos on this page.

My name is Chuck Strogish, feel free to email me through the site to answer any questions you may have or help you order.

Thank You For Choosing

Crimson Shield For Your Premium Car Care Product

Car Maintenance Wash & Wax by Waterless Crimson Shield
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