Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique

It’s that Christmas gifts time of year for everyone to start thinking of what you are going to do. If you know a car lover or enthusiast, we cut out the thinking and offer you our products and services made to bring a genuine smile to their face.

Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique
Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique From Crimson Shield.


See that nice photo of the red car as an acrylic print to hang on the wall?

Imagine your car lover friend or family member having their own prized possession vehicle done up by us right at their home or work to be the best it’s ever been in appearance before it is in a photo shoot and made into a life long master piece work of art on their wall.



Introducing to you our Mobile Car Photography Service that allows us to create the car lover’s ultimate masterpiece art work of their vehicle.


Here’s what is included in the mobile car photography package.

  • Traveling to their home garage or work place to complete our Stage 1 Exterior Detailing Package.


  • Receiving full paint correction to remove 70% to 95% of paint defects and scratches to make the vehicle as pristine as can be.


  • Next, they can choose Option A or Option B for max shine and protection.


  • Option A includes $999 dollar rare Brazilian waxes and premium sealants only used in aerospace projects to take on extremely high wind speeds.


  • Option B includes 5 Year Ceramic Coating paint protection that is known as glass coating to give a ridiculous amount of shine and the ability to prevent scratches and oxidation. Only needs cleaned with water for 5 years, no cleaners or waxes needed to keep it looking amazing. It will be preserved for 5 years once the vehicle looks it’s best.


  • Next it will receive a photo shoot and a photo is chosen to be made into a massive piece of wall art in the size of 45″ to 55″ by 45″.


  • It will include shipping, premium framing, wall mounting, and everything in the price.


  • The price also includes coming to them anywhere in the country that is able to be driven to.

Cost: One time fee of $10,000. Takes 8 to 10 hours to complete onsite.

Give them the gift of their special vehicle in it’s glory for a lifetime right on there wall on a quality, acrylic art piece.




Here’s the less expensive option we offer as great Christmas Gifts for the car lover.

Give them our enthusiast grade car care and detailing kit to be able to clean and protect their car at anytime, anywhere without the need for hose.

Crimson Shield Detailing Kit is easy to use and comes equipped to be ready to use in any situation.

Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique
Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique

In the car care kit for $49.99 and free shipping, you receive;

  • 32 OZ waterless Crimson Shield car wash and wax spray.
  • 8 OZ Crimson Shield concentrate to mix 1 or 2 oz in a half gallon of water to make a quality wash and wax solution.
  • Black half gallon Crimson Shield bucket to use to fill half way with water and an ounce or 2 of the 8 OZ capsule concentrate.
  • 4 premium microfiber towels to be able to wipe on and wipe dry to prevent scratches and buff off the haze easily.

Can be used on all exterior and interior including wheels, accessories, windows, trim, chrome, and more!

Can also be used on motorcycles, ATV, RV, household appliances, new shoes, tacks, helmets, jewelry, and many others.

Crimson Shield is the perfect way to protect for months to a year the same exact time while cleaning. Simply spray on and wipe on, then wipe off.

The perfect Christmas gifts for car lovers that we know they will love are right here for you to choose whether you want to go big or go practical and simple.

Order Crimson Shield Car Care Detailing Kit Now For $49.99 with free shipping in the USA Now.

Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique
Christmas Gifts We Offer For Car Lovers That Are Unique