How to Wax Your Car – 2 Must Read Ways

How to Wax Your Car – 2 Must Read Ways

By Crimson Shield Premium Car Care Products

How to Wax Your Car - 2 Must Read Ways
How to Wax Your Car – 2 Must Read Ways. Buy Crimson Shield at


How to Wax Your Car With Crimson Shield – Option 1

Before we give you 2 easy options for you to effectively wash and wax your car, here’s a quick background on Crimson Shield for you.

We are a multiple year award winning mobile auto detailing service in Pittsburgh, Pa and we love our own cars and customer vehicles as much as you love yours. Over 6 years and 1,200 customers of operating our mobile detailing service, we perfected the best car wax we possibly could.

This allowed us to not only use it win awards for our own use while making our job more effective and easy, but for anyone like you who isn’t a professional detail service to treat your cars the same way we do. We’ve made it economic friendly so that you can clean and wax your cars right inside your home garage or anywhere you choose.


It’s that easy! You have 2 options to choose, here’s the 1st.

Option 1 – Car Detailing Bucket Kit For $49.99 Comes With;

  • 8 OZ Crimson Shield Concentrate
  • 1 Gallon Crimson Shield Black Bucket
  • 4 Premium Microfiber Towels
How to Wax Your Car - 2 Must Read Ways
How to Wax Your Car – 2 Must Read Ways

Simply empty your 8 OZ Crimson Shield solution into the black bucket filled halfway with water, close lid and shake.

Then dunk a microfiber towel we provide in the bucket to soak and wring so it’s wet but not dripping soaked.

Wipe a panel one or 2 at a time to high foam clean with the wet microfiber towel. Then take a second dry microfiber towel and wipe off to buff to a shiny and waxed surface.

Repeat using on all windows, paint, trim, chrome, wheels, lights, and even on interior to detail, clean, wax, and protect your entire vehicle or prized possessions.

Crimson Shield comes powerfully packed with an all in 1 cleaner, lubricants, waxes, paint sealant, and shine depth enhancer that waxes your car while you are cleaning it as normal. Premium and long lasting results all in 1 step.

Plus your cars will look incredible and a notch above quality shine and protection.


Option 2 – Car Detailing Kit 32 OZ The Waterless Way

  • 32 OZ Waterless Spray Wax & Cleaner
  • 4 Microfiber Towels
  • 1 Gallon Crimson Shield Bucket to Store


This option allows you to not use any water or hose whatsoever to fully detail, clean, wax, and protect your cars.

Shake the 32 oz spray bottle and spray down a panel on your vehicle to wet.

Next fold a microfiber towel we provide twice to make a square and spray to wet the surface to create lubrication.

Wipe down the panel to clean and lay down the wax and paint sealant protection.

Immediately take a dry and folded microfiber towel and buff to a dry shiny surface.

You’ll feel the paint become slick to repel bugs, dirt, grime, rain, sun damage, and wind.

Repeat on all windows, paint, wheels, trim, interior, lights, and more until complete.

Do it on your own time so that you don’t need to wax your car all day long, do it over days or weeks.

Once you wipe it on and wipe it off, it is detergent resisting protection so that it stays on after regular car washes and makes them much more effective as dirt comes off much easier after Crimson Shield is applied.

Car Maintenance Wash & Wax by Waterless Crimson Shield
Car Maintenance Wash & Wax by Waterless Crimson Shield at