Ceramic Coating For Cars Service At Your Home

Ceramic Coating For Cars Service

At Your Home Information by Chuck’s Mobile Car Detail in Pittsburgh, owners of Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash and Spray Wax.

Ceramic Coating For Cars Service At Your Home
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What Is the Difference Between Your Ceramic Coating Service For Cars and Your Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash and Wax Spray?

Detailing cars over 10 years at a dealership and then 7 years building my own has grew my passion for offering the best way to protect my customer’s cars and prized possession. I have used many products to detail myself which is why I made Crimson Shield.

Although Crimson Shield is a convenient and easy to use waterless spray wash and wax product, it is meant for a non professional to clean and protect their car on the spot as they go without the need for heavy duty equipment, time, and energy.

With our 5 Year Ceramic Coating For Cars Service, the protection and shine takes much more prep work and time. Ceramic coating requires full paint correction machine buffing prior to installing to remove all paint defects or else if not, those scratches and swirls will be locked in and preserved by the ceramic coating for 5 years.

Glass coatings in 9h hardness will dramatically help to reduce scratches, swirls, and chips from happening in the first place by it being 3 times more strong and shiny than factory clear coat.

If you have a prized possession or a car extra special to you, we offer both to you as our best way to help you in keeping your ride as nice as possible. The best option is 5 Year Ceramic Coating For Cars Service we offer and the next best thing is to do it yourself conveniently and fast with Crimson Shield for only $49.99.

The Crimson Shield won’t remove scratches or swirls, but it will effectively clean and protect the surface all in one round. You will be able to maintain the detailed look and protection much easier as you go once it’s done once.

How Much Is Your 5 Year Ceramic Coating For Cars Service and How Much is Crimson Shield Detailing Kit?

With our ceramic coating service, it is offered in most states in the country to come right to your home or office to complete it, with pricing starting at $1,500 for the package. Paint correction is already mandatory to be included which is 3 to 4 times the cost of exterior detailing, so what’s left is about double that for 5 years ceramic coating service protection.

For our Crimson Shield Detailing Kit, it is only $49.99 with free shipping in the USA. You receive a 32 oz spray wash and wax, 4 premium microfiber towels, an 8 oz concentrate, and 1 gallon black bucket to be able to use right away.

The 32 oz spray bottle, you simply shake it and spray it on one panel at a time. Spray it on and wipe clean, then use a second provided microfiber towel folded to hand buff dry to a shine and protected surface.

The 8 oz concentrate makes it easy to mix 2 oz in a half gallon of water, then submerging a microfiber towel in it, you can bucket wash your car the traditional way. Except as you wash and dry, you are not only cleaning your car, but also laying down multiple sources of paint protection all in 1. This saves time and energy as much as possible.

If you want the maximum durability and results, definitely get 5 Year Ceramic Coating For Cars Service and then use Crimson Shield to easily keep your car clean while it is protected. to the max.

How to Sign Up For Ceramic Coating For Cars Service Or Buy Crimson Shield Detailing Kit From You Guys?

Ceramic Coating For Cars Service At Your Home