Clay Bar For Cars – Lubricant & Benefits

Learn more on how to use a clay bar for your own cars to get the most benefits and best results while saving time and energy. “Hint”, the trick is in the lubricant. ;-).

Clay Bar For Cars - Lubricant & Benefits
Clay Bar For Cars – Lubricant & Benefits. Visit for your premium Clay Bar Lubricant Today.

Benefits of Using a Clay Bar For Cars & What To Avoid

You can take your car through the best automatic car wash 1000 times straight and there are ingrained contaminants in the paint / clear coat that are going to rob you of protection bonds and depth of shine until you use a detailing service to clay bar it. Or learn how to do it yourself properly in this article with some tips included.

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If you really want a bond whether it be wax, sealants, ceramic coatings, or even hydrophobic products that cause beading to the rain, you are going to have to up your game and use a clay bar on your car.

How to Use a Clay Bar Professionally Like a Detailing Service to My Car

There is the old way to do it, and there is the time and energy saving way to do it which I’ll get to in a sec. Let me go over how to use a clay bar in general first.

Clay Bar For Cars - Lubricant & Benefits
Clay Bar For Cars – Lubricant & Benefits – Get Crimson Shield For a Great Clay Bar Lubricant at Now.

Once your car is clean like it is after a regular wash, you want to keep it wet as a lubricant is really important to using a clay bar. Without it, you will see that it won’t ride over the paint easy and will be hard to use. A wet car from washing can be an entry level lubricant to use as long as it’s sliding effortlessly on the paint and windows.

When you open your clay bar, you can form the clay to fit the surface on your car and simply run the clay bar over the paint until it is smoother than it usually is. This will collect ingrained contaminants like tar spots, dirt, sap, embedded bug guts and more.

There are different levels of clay bars from fine, mild, medium, and aggressive. The purple or black clay bars are usually the most aggressive and the others will say if fine or medium, etc.

I prefer to use one that leans to the aggressive side as our clay bar lubricant is fantastic and will assure the best job. However, if your car has really fragile or soft paint, you can start safe and go medium or mild. I wouldn’t even bother with the fine one but you can practice with it if you want to be 100% confident first.

When you clay bar your car with a great lubricant made for this job like Crimson Shield, a smooth surface will dramatically increase shine and bond for your wax or sealants you use after.

Difference Between Traditional Car Wash And Crimson Shield in Time and Energy as a Clay Bar Lubricant

Usually, you wash the car but don’t dry it. Clay bar the car while wet, and then dry it. Then you will wax it, and remove it. Then put on a paint sealant and remove that. Then finish with a depth enhancer polish and remove that. You can spend your right or left arm plus all day or multiple days of work the old way.

Order Crimson Shield

With Crimson Shield, we made a no hose formula and all in 1 round it is made effectively to clean, wax, seal the paint, enhance shine depth, and be an amazing clay bar lubricant.

So with Crimson Shield, look at the difference, ready. You spray it on and wipe off the panel with a microfiber towel to clean. Then spray it again, clay bar it and use a dry microfiber towel to wipe until it’s dry. Done!

You efficiently completed all of the cleaning, clay bar process, and protecting all in 1 round compared to around 9 rounds doing it the old fashioned way with a hose and all of your products needed to complete the same process.

Oh yeah, you saved a bunch of money also using Crimson Shield. This is our own created product made for us as a premium detailing service, not some product we are just promoting.

We designed Crimson Shield ourselves to have a better way at using a clay bar onĀ  our customers vehicles in our detailing packages and want you to experience the same ease of use and benefits.


What To Avoid Doing Using a Clay Bar On Your Cars For Best Results.

As long as you are using a quality clay bar lubricant like Crimson Shield, you can enjoy all of the benefits of using a clay bar easily as you lightly glide it across the paint until it as smooth as possible.

Without a clay bar lubricant, or a good one, you can risk possibly hazing the paint if pushing too hard or the clay bar lubricant isn’t good.

If you haze the paint, say if you used the most aggressive clay bar, stop what you are doing, and the haze will need to be machine polished with a random orbital buffer.

Don’t be afraid of doing this with a great clay bar lubricant and a mild or medium clay bar with a nice, smooth gentle ride on the paint. Keeping it wet with the Crimson Shield spray as you go is perfect.

You can always be sure to get it done right by using a professional detailing service, but this article and our product, Crimson Shield, is the best way to do it yourself and assure

  • Great results
  • Long lasting bond of wax and sealant paint protection
  • Ease of Use
  • Long lasting 32 oz bottle and 8 oz concentrate in the detailing kit
  • Save time
  • Save energy
  • Save money

Get Crimson Shield Now

Clay Bar For Cars - Lubricant & Benefits
Clay Bar For Cars – Lubricant & Benefits

Use Crimson Shield as your all in 1 premium car care product to clean, clay bar (sold separately), wax, seal, polish, and enhance shine.