Ceramic Paint Coating Service Near Me

“Get 5 year Paint Protection In Your Home Garage In Most USA States With Our Ceramic Paint Coating Service.”

Ceramic Paint Coating Service Near Me
Ceramic Paint Coating Service Near Me at GreatCarWax.com or Text “Ceramic Paint Coating” to Chuck at 412-726-6092


What Does Ceramic Paint Coating Do & What Is Needed To Get Service on My Vehicle?

Typical waxes last 3 months and paint sealants last  6 – 9 months on your paint, wheels, and windows for protection.

They are easier to apply but can come off with high heat days and automatic car washes if not a great quality brand.

Ceramic paint coating derives from glass and is more expensive to make and apply, but can only be removed with a high speed buffer once on to give it a 5 year paint protection span to paint and wheels.

Being 9h means that is much tougher to get swirls and scratches to your vehicles paint regardless if it is new or if it needs paint correcting buffing first to get the paint as best as it can be before applied.

Your vehicle, once buffed to be as good as it can be, will be preserved for 5 years as you drive to keep its value and no need on your part to ever wax it. It won’t come off with high heat days and sun, or car washes, or even paint preppers or wax removals.

Your vehicle will have an extremely high level depth of shine looking like “glass” and very easy to clean. Especially stubborn bugs, bird droppings, acid rain spots, and more.

Cost of Our Ceramic Paint Coating Service And Requirements To Sign Up Your Vehicle

You must have a home garage and we can come to you in almost every USA state to complete.

We are based out of Pittsburgh, Pa so there is no mileage charge to travel, outside of Pittsburgh it is $1 per mile one way extra to the cost of ceramic paint coating service.

The service starts at $1,500 per car based on size plus mileage to travel to your home garage if over 50 miles away.

If you don’t have a home garage, you can rent a car storage bay for the day if need be also for us to complete as ceramic paint coating can only be applied without dust flying on the car unlike mobile detailing where it can be done right outside easily.

If far away in distance, there may be a required deposit to travel in case of a canceled appointment or anything of that nature.

Who Uses a Ceramic Paint Coating Service?

Anyone who wants the best for their vehicles regardless if it’s a prized possession or if you simply want to get max value in return later while keeping your car as nice as possible on a daily basis.

Ceramic paint coating is the best protection available that isn’t a permanent wrap which can look ugly and be tough to remove after a few years. Ceramic paint coating will remove itself after 5 years and leave your vehicle paint corrected and amazing looking like it was right before it was applied.

If ceramic coating isn’t applied and prepped properly, it can preserve unwanted paint defects and tough to remove once cured.

Ceramic Paint Coating Service Near Me
Ceramic Paint Coating Service Near Me Text 412 726 6092 Nationwide.


How Do I Sign My Vehicle Up For Your Ceramic Paint Coating Service?

Simply Text “Ceramic Coating Service” to Chuck at 412 726 6092 so that you can get instant help setting up your appointment in your home garage wherever you are nationwide.

Or visit our website at GreatCarWax.com

Also, to see or look up our A+ rated Angie’s List reviews for our mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh, visit MobileCarDetailPittsburgh.com and get a quote up at the top of the page for ceramic coating service if in Pittsburgh, Pa or out of state.

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