Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants

Learn The Differences Between Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Wax, Wax, & Paint Sealants To See What’s Best For Your Cars.

Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants
Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants


Ceramic Coating Service Benefits, Pricing, Cons – BEST

Ceramic Coating Service Benefits Highlights

  • 5 + Years Paint Protection
  • Protects against swirls & scratches
  • Best return on investment in selling your car when it’s time
  • Paint correction buffing mandatory before applied

Ceramic Coating Service Pricing Highlights

  • Starting cost for our ceramic coating service is $1,500 and up for whole exterior including wheels.

Ceramic Coating Service Cons Highlights

  • Meticulous process to install and materials are expensive to make for the quality brands.
  • Must be done correctly and by professionals or else only way to remove a bad job is by machine buffing it off.
  • Can’t be done in sunlight and must cure for 24 hours before driven or getting wet.

Ceramic Wax Service Benefits, Pricing, Cons

Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants
Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants


Ceramic Wax Service Benefits Highlights

  • Great paint protection lasting 3+ years
  • Can be completed outside at your home or office
  • Doesn’t require paint correction buffing to install, but is still recommended. We include paint correction touch up in price standard, will be more to paint correct whole vehicle.
  • Excellent for new vehicles or cars of yours that are already have nice paint and very little defects.

Ceramic Wax Service Pricing Highlights

  • Pricing of Ceramic Wax Service Install is about half of ceramic coating because of less prep work needed before it can be applied.
  • Instead of starting at $1,500 like ceramic coating, ceramic wax will start at $750 and up.

Ceramic Wax Service Cons Highlights

  • Lasts only 3+ years as paint protection compared to 5+ years for ceramic coating.
  • More lenient on prep work which can lead someone to not prep right and make it a mess to install.
  • More expensive than detailing(wax, sealant)

Paint Sealant & Wax  Service Benefits, Pricing, Cons

Paint Sealant & Wax Service Benefits Highlights

  • Versatile to apply, can be applied in sunlight and outdoors.
  • Paint Sealant lasts 6-12 months and wax typically 3 months for paint protection.
  • Can be done by non professional at your own home without a hose.

Paint Sealant & Wax Service Pricing Highlights

  • Can be done DYI as our Crimson Shield car care product contains both wax and paint sealant protection as you clean for less than $50.
  • Our mobile detailing service in Pittsburgh will start at only $250 to get premium wax and paint sealant applied to your car in Stage 1 Exterior package.
  • Crimson Shield can be picked up at our website.
Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants
Ceramic Coating  VS  Ceramic  Wax  VS  Wax  &  Paint Sealants


Paint Sealant & Wax Service Cons Highlights

  • Doesn’t last nearly as long as ceramic coating (5 + years) or ceramic wax (3 + years).
  • Wax only lasts around 3 months and paint sealant 6 to 12 months depending on the quality, brand, living and driving conditions.
  • Needs reapplied more often and many different quality levels of wax and paint sealants make it tough to know which ones stay on long.

How To Sign Up or Buy Based On Your Needs

Ceramic Coating Service

We offer coming to your home garage anywhere in the country to install ceramic coating on your vehicles exterior if you want the best of the best in paint protection after we get your paint to as new as possible from where it is.

It will be be $1 per mile from our address to yours plus the cost of the ceramic coating service.

We live and work in Pittsburgh, Pa so there will be no extra cost of coming to your home garage. If you don’t have a home or work garage, then we can pick your vehicle up and complete it in our ceramic coating booth for you.

To sign up, simply either visit our Crimson Shield Car Care Page or Our Mobile Car Detailing Service in Pittsburgh Page. Either one works.

Same With If you Choose the 3 + year Ceramic Wax package, visit each link at our websites above and just mention Ceramic Wax as your interest for a quote.

To buy Crimson Shield Paint Sealant and Wax All in 1 Cleaner, Go To Buy.

If in Pittsburgh and want interior or exterior mobile car detailing at your home or office, get your quote now easily at our quote form.


Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants
Ceramic Coating VS Ceramic Wax VS Wax & Paint Sealants GreatCarWax.com


Regardless of your needs for your car, we are car guys and offer the best quality products and service possible for you to get set up and get great car care for your vehicles.

We started and continue as Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh and after 6 years and over 1,200 customers plus multiple year Angie’s List Awards, we designed Crimson Shield. We use Crimson Shield as a quality cleaner, wax, and paint sealant on our own cars and all of our customers.

However, wax and paint sealants can only go so far and that is when we offer ceramic coating and ceramic wax services to those who truly want the longest lasting protection and it done professionally.

This is the best option to pick that isn’t a permanent paint protection bra which can fade and look terrible after a few years. Ceramic Coating looks fabulous and will last 5+ years and never will need waxed or detailed once done. Just simple washing to make it clean up so easily.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to you becoming a client of ours and give you the best in paint protection that today’s technology offers.