Premium Cleaning Product For Interior & Exterior Detailing

Crimson Shield is the Premium Cleaning Product For Both Interior and Exterior Detailing. Used For Not Only Cars, But All Vehicles, Jewelry, Household Appliances, and Valuables.

Premium Cleaning Product For Interior & Exterior Detailing
Premium Cleaning Product For Interior & Exterior Detailing. Buy Crimson Shield at Now

How Does Crimson Shield Stack Up & Set Itself Apart As a Premium Interior Cleaning Product?

Typically, with any cleaning product whether it be your home or car interior, you clean it and then that’s it. No protection.

With Crimson Shield, as you are cleaning your interior like normal, it is laying down a long lasting shield of polymers & sealants to prevent stains and to keep everything you clean nice and cleaner for longer.

Can Crimson Shield be used to clean on anything interior and exterior?

Absolutely, yes. And not just for cars or vehicles interior and exteriors. Crimson Shield can be used easily to protect while cleaning jewelry, household appliances, new shoes or boots, tacks, and anything you ever need to clean, but now you also will be protecting it for months at the same time. All in 1 round.

Can I Use It To Clean My Home or Car Windows? Is it Eco Friendly?

Yes. If you use Crimson Shield to clean and seal your home or automotive windows, it will make your glass be much, much easier to clean each time you need to. The dirt and bugs will be on the protection barrier, not the actual window so it will be easier to clean each time Crimson Shield is used to clean your interior and exterior.

It is EPA approved and contains no hazardous materials so that you can comfortably use it on anything and not be hazardous to anyone’s health in your home or cars.

How Do I Use Crimson Shield? How Does it Work To Clean My Interior or Exterior of My Home or Cars?

It comes in a 32 ounce spray bottle where all you do is shake it, spray it on the surface you want to clean while protect, and wipe to a shine with any microfiber towels. We provide high quality microfiber towels for you as an add on if you want them.

Or you can use your own as well. if using on a cars paint, it is always best to use high quality ones, but if you are using them on something less fragile, then your normal, clean but used microfiber towels will work just fine.


We have designed and formulated Crimson Shield on over 1,200 vehicles and valuables over 6 years time.

We use it on everything because we know how high quality it is. Whether you use it on your interior or exterior in your home or cars, it is going to provide long lasting protection and make everything you clean not needing to be cleaned nearly as often and make your life easier. While also protecting the value of all of your prized possessions.



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Crimson Shield Premium Interior and Exterior Cleaning Product For Cars and Household Valuables

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