Who Uses Crimson Shield Premium Waterless Wash and Wax For Their Cars?

Pittsburgh Pirates Professional Baseball Team Outfielder Gregory Polanco  Uses Crimson Shield Premium Waterless Wash and Wax to Clean and Protect His Shelby GT350 Ford Mustang.

Waterless Wash and Wax For Cars by Crimson Shield
Waterless Wash and Wax For Cars by Crimson Shield at GreatCarWax.com

If you care about your vehicles, use Crimson Shield without a hose right at your home anywhere it sits.

Crimson Shield Waterless Wash and Wax for Cars is used to achieve the closest results to professional detailing with the least required work and time to do.

Is it better than professional detailing services than doing it yourself? Of course not, detail professionals will spend many hours perfecting your paint and the cost will be a few hundred dollars to do so.

While Crimson Shield is an amazing and quality product used in our own mobile detailing service, it is designed for those who love their cars to use in between using professional detailing services for your car.

We made it simple to use with many quality ingredients to achieve ultimate cleaning and protection to everything interior and exterior for your vehicles.

You wipe it on and wipe it off to clean while protecting all in one to save time and energy to clean while protecting the surface.


Crimson Shield provides enthusiast grade cleaners, waxes, paint sealant, and shine depth enhancers ALL IN ONE car care product that delivers incredible results.

Actually, it was tested on over 1,200 vehicles over 6 years to be made into perfection and ready to use for car lovers.

You get the choice of the traditional usage by mixing 8 Oz Crimson Shield in a bucket of water and wiping on and drying with microfiber towels or the waterless 32 oz spray where you simply spray it on, wipe it clean, and wipe off to a dry and protected surface.

You don’t have to wash your car first before using, it cleans as you use it easily with quality detergents and lubricants to effortlessly overwhelm dirt and grime before laying down waxes and sealants to cure to a long lasting protected shield on the surface.

Crimson Shield is used by several professional athletes, car enthusiasts ranging from entry level cars to high end sports cars and even to cleaning and protecting new shoes or household appliances.

We take great pride as a detailing service to create the BEST all in 1 car care product to be able to achieve the greatest results possible while being as easy to use as possible.

We use it to save time and energy in detailing to focus on many other tasks of the car in the same time frame.

This allows anyone like you who loves their car to be protected and it’s value maximized as you drive a freshly detailed car more often.

Having a like new feeling and detailed car makes your commute more happy, you get more done and feel more accomplished while your car’s value is kept higher to protect it before something like a simple bird dropping baked into the paint ruins it’s value.

Use Crimson Shield on anything you clean, but also want to protect and keep nice. Especially vehicles paint, windows, wheels, interior, and glass.


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