Spring Cleaning Tips For Detailing Your Cars Waterless

Use These Spring Cleaning Tips For Detailing Your Cars Waterless To Not Just Clean, But Protect Them All in 1 to Save Time.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Detailing Your Cars Waterless
Spring Cleaning Tips For Detailing Your Cars Waterless. Buy Crimson Shield Now at GreatCarWax.com

Crimson Shield is the Bridge Between Cleaning Your Own Car & Receiving Professional Detailing Service Done Correctly.

The usual way of detailing our own cars would be to get a car wash solution at the store, hose down the car, wipe it with a mitt, hose it off again and then dry it. It’s clean but it’s not really protected very well.

The professional detailing service will spend many hours cleaning and protecting your vehicle. It could take 4-24 hours to fully detail a vehicle correctly if major work is done.

But let’s just say for example, a professional detailing service will wash the car and clay bar it to remove deep contaminates. Then apply a paint sealant, buff some coats of wax on it, and apply special depth enhancing agents and polishes to give it that quality look you see on car ads.

It requires a lot of work, experience with a buffer, and time. If you aren’t experienced with a buffer, you risk really ruining your cars paint and then a very expensive paint job will be needed.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Detailing Your Cars Waterless Starts With Using Crimson Shield, The Bridge Between DIY Car Care and Professional Detailing.

We created Crimson Shield that gets you the closest possible job to professional detailing without the risk or as much time or energy spent doing it.

By using Crimson Shield, you don’t need a hose, and cuts out the whole drying faze to save time.

By wiping it on and off with our premium microfiber towels, you are laying down the paint sealant, waxes, and polishes all at once all while cleaning at the same time.

You have 2 options between mixing Crimson Shield in a bucket of water to wipe on and wipe off, or our 32 OZ spray bottle where you spray it on the panel and microfiber towel, then simply wipe dry and repeat until your car is finished.

Use Crimson Shield on everything exterior and interior. No need to switch products to do the windows or wheels. Use it on everything you want to clean while protect all at once.

If you compare a do it yourself car wash at home as letter A and using a professional auto detailing service as Z, Crimson Shield allows you to cover all of the letters in between to get as close as possible to professional detailing without the high cost each time.

You may want to get a professional detailing job done once and then use Crimson Shield to maintain your cars detail year round much easier with less time and work involved.

We are called Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing in Pittsburgh and spent 6 years and over 1,200 customers vehicles to perfect the making of the Crimson Shield Car Care Product.

We have it to the point where we use it over other products ourselves for best results and lets us spend more time focusing on other details of the car while Crimson Shield allows us to cover more benefits of car care in less rounds of applications.

Crimson Shield is perfect for anyone who loves their car looking detailed and you get the highest quality ingredients and ease of use to do it right where it sits. It is waterless and no hose required so that you can complete your car right in your indoor garage as well. Many of our customers in winter and all times of the year are detailed by us right in their garage.

Crimson Shield allows us to do this easier and will for you as well.

Visit GreatCarWax.com today to order yours now with free shipping anywhere in the USA.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Detailing Your Cars

  1. If possible, try to work in the shade as Crimson Shield will work in the sun also, but will take more time to remove it and more work.
  2. Use only premium made microfiber towels that grab dirt and make application much easier for yourself. We supply them in our car detailing kit already.
  3. Not much time? Crimson Shield allows you to complete your car panel by panel so complete it over a week or over a month if need be. Example would be to wipe on and wipe off the wheels one day, the windows another, the front of the car another, and the middle and back another day. Finishing with interior as you ever have to sit in your car and wait for kids or family to pick them up.
  4. Keep Crimson Shield 32 OZ spray bottle in your cars at all times for on the go detailing anywhere, anytime.
  5. The dirtier the car, submerge the microfiber towel to be more wet for each panel, then wipe dry. For maintaining a clean and protected car already treated with Crimson Shield, a more rung out microfiber towel will be easier to wipe dry and make it take much less time.
  6. Visit GreatCarWax.com and order yours today.

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