Clean & Protect Your Cars & Prized Possessions All in 1

Clean & Protect Your Cars & Prized Possessions All in 1 With Crimson Shield, Our Premium Cleaner, Wax, Sealant, & Shine Enhancer Product.

Clean & Protect Your Cars With Crimson Shield Premium Car Care Product
Clean & Protect Your Cars With Crimson Shield at

Pictures above is our customers Tesla Model X who chose to clean and protect his cars entire interior and exterior with Crimson Shield, our All in 1 Premium Car Care Product.

We are a Pittsburgh car care service called Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing & over the course of giving the best results and protection for our customers vehicles, we made our own product to better do that.

Crimson Shield was made for anyone who loves their cars to be able to fully clean, wax, paint seal, and shine depth enhance their cars all in 1 step.

Being an all in 1 car care product, this allows you to achieve as close as possible to a professional detailing job yourself as possible.

Crimson Shield is made so that you don’t have to use a hose, and you only have to spray it on and wipe it off. Plus we provide what you need to instantly treat your vehicles with premium microfiber towels that are the standard of quality we recommend to use. Any microfiber towels will do but we provide extra quality for best results to clean and protect your cars.

You can use the Crimson Shield Premium Car Care Product to not only clean and protect your cars interior and exterior, but also all prized possessions. Anything you clean, don’t just clean it by itself anymore.

Make sure you are laying down quality layers of protection to anything you care cleaning whether it be; jewelry, kitchen counters and appliances, new shoes, tacks, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, home windows, and more.

Simply use Crimson Shield by spraying it on the surface of what you want to clean and protect, and a spray or two on a folded microfiber towel. Wipe clean and then take a dry folded microfiber towel and wipe dry to complete.

You will notice a slick and extra shiny surface because of the premium ingredients we included in the formula that is also detergent resisting.

That means you can regularly clean your cars in an automatic car wash and the paint sealant protection will still be protecting your cars.

Dirt, tar, sap, acid rain, sun damage, wind damage, and everything that ruins your cars value will be on the paint sealant shield and much easier to remove with a regular wash.

Using premium car care products on your cars will boost it’s value by up to 20% on average when you go to sell it.

We made our Crimson Shield Premium Car Care Product to be able to clean and protect your cars panel by panel so that you don’t have to spend a whole day and be exhausted like detailing can do.

You can use it on everything interior and exterior so complete a panel or two, and put it in your trunk until you fully complete your vehicle.

A good way to do it is to separate it. For example, take an hour and do all of your wheels one day, windows another, and the paint on another. Go at your own pace.

Once you spray it on and wipe it off on a panel, the protection will last for months.

We use Crimson Shield to win awards and provide great quality to our mobile detailing customers, and it took us 6 years to nail the perfect formula of what we wanted to achieve in a car care product.

We offer free shipping and also include a 1 gallon bucket and 4 microfiber towels in your detailing kit.

If you prefer to spray it on and wipe off, get the 32 OZ spray bottle option or if you are more traditional and want to do it with actual water, we have that option too.

Order the 8 OZ concentrate where you mix the bottle in the 1 gallon bucket we provide and shake. Then submerge a microfiber towel and wipe clean. Then wipe dry with clean microfiber towels.

Order it today at and get free shipping if in the USA.

Thank you.