Detailing Bucket Kit – Get Back On Your Game

The Crimson Shield Detailing Bucket Kit Is Everything You Need To Clean and Protect Your Cars Interior and Exterior Completely.

Get Back On Your Game This Year Or Give One Heck of a Gift

Detailing Bucket Kit
Detailing Bucket Kit by Crimson Shield Waterless Wash and Car Wax. Get it at

Get Your Detailing Bucket Kit by Crimson Shield Car Wax and Waterless Wash For $49.99 Now HERE

What’s Included In Your Detailing Bucket Kit

  • Powerful outlier 8 OZ Crimson Shield capsule to mixed in a half gallon of water and shaken up.
  • No hose needed enthusiast grade formula that lets you accomplish 5 processes all in 1 round on your cars.
  • You will effectively be cleaning with advanced lubricants and detergents while, waxing with cross linked polymers and polish, paint sealant, and a special shine depth enhancer that brings out another level of pop and protection.
  • All ingredients used are made to clean and protect prized possessions and anything valuable to you so quality is something we are proud of.
  • It took us 6 years of testing on over 1,200 vehicles in our mobile detailing service ranging from BMW to Bentley, to Ford, to Audi and all in between to give our customers the best detailing quality onsite possible.
  • After tweaking and improving each time, our Crimson Shield Car Wax and Waterless Wash is going to clean while protecting everything interior or exterior on on your vehicles.
  • Can also be used on other valuables to clean and protect its value like jewelry, new shoes, leather, tacks, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, helmets, and even household appliances and counter tops.
  • Comes with your 1 gallon Crimson Shield Black Bucket and 4 Premium Microfiber Towels ready to use instantly upon free shipping currently.
Detailing Bucket Kit by Crimson Shield Car Wax and Waterless Wash
Detailing Bucket Kit by Crimson Shield Car Wax and Waterless Wash. Order now at

How to Use Your Crimson Shield Detailing Bucket Kit

  • If you purchase the 8 OZ capsule form, simply fill your bucket with 64 ounces of water and empty the 8 OZ bottle of Crimson Shield Car Wax into the bucket. Watch it activate turning into a Crimson Foam ready to clean the dirtiest of cars.
  • Soak a microfiber towel we provide in the bucket and wipe down a panel or whatever you are cleaning. Then take 1 or 2 dry microfiber towels and wipe dry. Once it’s dry, over 24 hours, the paint sealant will begin to cure to form a protective barrier over the surface to keep it protected and much easier to keep clean repelling dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Use it on everything interior and exterior including windows, dashboard, steering wheel, leather, stains in carpeting, jams, paint, chrome, wheels, tires, decals and stripes, trim. Everything!
  • If it is hot and sunny, it is better to not to wring the rag as it will be easier to wipe dry. If it’s in the shade or cooler out or your car is already clean, you can wring it to make it easier to dry off as well.
  • If you opt for our 32 OZ spray bottle version, simply spray your microfiber towel to dampen the surface and spray down the panel you want to treat, then wipe on and wipe dry as normal. Use on all interior and exterior as needed as well.
  • You will feel and see the quality of shine and depth, while the surface becomes slick and protected for months to come. Order yours HERE Now.

Order Now From $49.99 and up with free shipping

Boost Your Cars Value by Up to 20% With Premium Car Care Practices.

As a professional A rated Angie’s List Detailing Service, We Not Only Use It Ourselves On Our Customers Vehicles, But We Wanted To Make It So Anyone Who Loves Their Cars Able to Do So In 1 Premium All in 1 Detailing Bucket Kit.

To us, there is no better of a way to get on your game and feel good then to always have a protected and sharp looking detailed ride.

If you feel the same, try Crimson Shield at and we guarantee you will feel the same and we promise you will save water, time cleaning, and get incredible results instantly upon using.


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