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Crimson Shield Car Care Detailing Kit - Boost Value Up to 20%
Crimson Shield Car Care Detailing Kit – Boost Value Up to 20% –

How Creating and Using The Crimson Shield Detailing Kit Helped Us Achieve Awards and Provide an Exceptional Mobile Car Detailing Service To Our Customers So That You Can To.

Since 2011 and over 1,200 mobile car detailing customers later, we have constructed the best all in 1 eco friendly and quality mobile detailing kit that we felt makes our work the most efficient.

We’ve tested Crimson Shield on those 1,200 customers in 6 years tweaking it as we go until it is the best mobile car detailing kit possible to slash detailing time while providing quality results. And not to mention being able to use in public drains being eco friendly.

Customers Cars Treated With Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax Including Pittsburgh Steelers & Pirates Players, 1st Place Car Show Award Winners, and Over 1200 Repeat Customers Using Crimson Shield at
Customers Cars Treated With Crimson Shield Waterless Car Wash & Wax Including Pittsburgh Steelers & Pirates Players, 1st Place Car Show Award Winners, and Over 1200 Repeat Customers Using Crimson Shield at

You can reduce a lot of your car cleaning and detailing supplies as Crimson Shield is made to use on all interior, exterior, windows, wheels, tires, chrome, trim, and even leather. Use it to stain proof mats and carpets as it contains an enthusiast grade paint sealant.

The Crimson Shield Mobile Car Detailing Kit is a lot of supplies all in one product as it is a cleaner, wax, paint sealant polish, and a shine depth enhancer combined.

We’ve constructed it so you can protect everything as you clean, so the cross linked polymers we used in it lets you clean a door and accessories without getting the haze that wax usually provides.

This makes it so you can clean the interior and also at the same time, use it on the exterior and when you do remove it with our premium microfiber towel, it will reveal a deep quality of shine and paint slickness.

Use Crimson Shield to up your level of service and detailing time on your mobile car detailing service customers. It lets you be able to detail cars without a hose and get into places without a huge water truck.

Using Crimson Shield, our own 6 year mobile car detailing service as been able to earn an A+ rating on Angie’s List with multiple year Super Service Awards while saving over 120,000 gallons of water doing it.

You can detail cars in places spraying water isn’t allowed with Crimson Shield.

We’ve made it easy and provide several ways to use your all in 1 premium detailing supplies product.

  1. 32 Ounce Spray Bottle

Simple shake it up, spray it on and wipe to clean, then wipe dry panel by panel until complete. Use on everything interior and exterior.

2. 8 Ounce Traditional Bucket Style

Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier - Crimson Shield Explained
Car Care Polish & Wax Outlier – Crimson Shield Explained

Empty 8 Ounce bottle into a half gallon bucket of cold or hot water. (hot water works great if you are detailing cars in colder temperatures like we do in Pittsburgh winters)/

Shake the bucket up and submerge a microfiber towel in it to get it as wet as you’d like to normally wash and dry as usual.

Except you are not just washing, you are efficiently achieving washing, paint sealing, polishing, waxing, and enhancing the paint depth for a show quality shine all in 1 round.

To preserve your bucket and detailing supplies, never dip a dirty microfiber towel into the bucket, always keep the bucket clean to get many uses from just 1 8 ounce bottle. You can make it be able to detail many cars if you keep the water clean with fresh towels.

We provide the microfiber towels needed in the mobile car detailing kit as we have used them all so we save you time and give you what works best right from the start.

We also provide different sizes from 8 ounces up to a gallon of concentrate that will make 5 gallons of Crimson Shield.

This is great for a mobile car detailing service looking for supplies and get a discounted price on bulk. Repeat customers also will get extra savings.

Included in the detailing kit is the microfiber towels that we prefer you use so that you are ready to professionally detail cars and provide quality paint protection in just 1 product.

Crimson Shield replaces a lot of extra detailing supplies you don’t need and just wastes your budget and room they take up in your supplies.

No matter what you use Crimson Shield on, it will be providing the highest level of protection while cleaning at the same time.

This is why we created it over 6 years because a lot of our customers are repeats and it makes it easier for us to detail their car every time we go back to provide detailing service to it because everything interior and exterior is fully protected.

We’ve done all the trial and error for you to create an all in 1 detailing kit that will become the staple in your mobile detailing service just like it is for ours.

Mobile Car Detailing Kit & Supplies
Mobile Car Detailing Kit & Supplies at

We are car guys and love detailing cars, but we are always looking for the best way to do it to make us achieve the best results the easiest and fastest way possible.

Try out a Crimson Shield Mobile Detailing Kit Today Here

Whether you are a local car detailing service or someone who just loves to protect and have a detailed looking ride at all times, we provide a kit for you to instantly get started as soon as you get it in the mail.

Free Shipping Included Also.

Our detailing service is Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh at and we created Crimson Shield to help other mobile detailing services in the country be able to be more efficient serving their car car customers.

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